Dr. Graham Benham

I am a post-doctoral researcher in fluid dynamics at LadHyx, École Polytechnique. I am part of the Sports Physics resarch group, working with Christophe Clanet and Michael Benzaquen on finding the optimum shape of rowing, kayaking and canoe boats.

I am interested in a variety of problems in fluid dynamics, with applications in sports physics, renewable energy, and industrial processes. My research combines a variety of analytical (mathematical modelling, asymptotic analysis), numerical (computational fluid dynamics, optimisation methods), and experimental (particle image velocimetry of turbulence) techniques.

I completed my DPhil in Mathematics (InFoMM CDT) at the University of Oxford, where my research project, in collaboration with VerdErg Renewable Energy, studied energy extraction in rivers.

Here is my CV.

Currently living in Paris.
Contact: graham.benham 📧 ladhyx.polytechnique.fr.


Brachistochrone on a Velodrome
GP Benham, C Clanet, E Brunet
Submitted, 2019.
[pdf] [supplementary]

Wave drag on asymmetric bodies
GP Benham, JP Boucher, R Labbe, M Benzaquen, C Clanet
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, (in press) 2019.

Modelling and optimisation of water management in sloping coastal aquifers with seepage, extraction and recharge
R Mondal, GP Benham, S Mondal, P Christodoulides, N Neokleous, K Kaouri
Journal of Hydrology, 2019.

The effect of swirl on confined co-axial flow
GP Benham, IJ Hewitt, CP Please, PAD Bird
Submitted, 2018.

Optimal control of diffuser shapes for non-uniform flow
GP Benham, IJ Hewitt, CP Please, PAD Bird
Journal of Engineering Mathematics, 2018.

Turbulent shear layers in confining channels
GP Benham, AA Castrejon-Pita, IJ Hewitt, CP Please, RW Style, PAD Bird
Journal of Turbulence, 2018.

Solidification of silicon in a one-dimensional slab and a two-dimensional wedge
GP Benham, K Hildal, CP Please, RA Van Gorder
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 2016.

Penetration of molten silicon into a bed of fines
GP Benham, K Hildal, CP Please, RA Van Gorder
Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, 2016.


Mathematical modelling and optimisation of Venturi-enhanced hydropower
GP Benham
DPhil Thesis, 2018.

Vortex dynamics in sharp edged domains
GP Benham
Masters Thesis, 2014.

See Google Scholar for other references.


University of Oxford

DPhil, Mathematics (Oct. '14 — Sep '18)
Supervised by Prof. Ian Hewitt and Prof. Colin Please

University College London

MSci, Mathematics (Sep. '10 — Jul. '14)


Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling

VerdErg Renewable Energy

Dara O'Briain's School of Hard Sums (Season 1 Episodes 1,4,5,8)