1fff Garden The Sky Water 1fffffff

Exploration of alternative water sources defining different relationships with the environment International Interdisciplinary Symposium June 12-15, 2019, Paris, France

The symposium “Garden the Sky Water” begins on Wednesday, June 12 with a full day of workshop followed by a two-and-a-half-day conference on June 13, 14 and 15.

The conference is free however registration is mandatory.
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1ffff Wednesday June 12th, 2019, 10 am-6pm, SIRTA, École Polytechnique 1ffff
1ffffffff Visit of SIRTA 1ffffffff (Instrumental Site of Research by Atmospheric Remote Sensing)
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1ffffffff Workshop 1ffffffff on the use of data. 25 to 30 participants, artists and scientists
Limited places, CV required to participate (See registration)

1ffff Thursday June 13th, 2019 Cité internationale des arts, Paris 1ffff
Lectures will be mainly in English, with abstracts provided in French.
Place Auditorium (-1)
9:30am Welcoming
9:45am Introduction by Ana Rewakowicz, artist and researcher at École polytechnique
10:00am 1fff Conference 1fff Rivers in the Sky
Keynote speaker: Veronica Strang, cultural anthropologist, director of Durham University’s interdisciplinary Institute of Advanced Study: “Serpentine Skies: celestial journeys with hydrotheological water beings”
Round table:
  • Raphaële Bidault-Waddington, artist, author, funder of the LIID Future Lab: “Occupy the Sky”
  • Claire Damesin, Plant ecophysiologist:
    “Trees and water…How ecophysiological knowledge can help us water our inner and outer gardens?”
  • Marcelline Delbecq, artist, researcher SacrE ENS-PSL: “A Circle of Clouds, Soaring”
    (“Un cercle de nuages, planant”)
  • Moderator: Ana Rewakowicz
12:30am Lunch break
2:00pm 1fff Conference 1fff Atmospheric Scenographies
Keynote speaker Jamila Bargach, Director of the NGO Dar Si Hmad: “An Ode Celebrating Fog”
Round table:
  • Marie-Luce Nadal, artist, PhD SacrE: “Un courant dont je ne connais pas la source”
  • Nima Navab, spatial designer: “Ambient Feedback Ecology”
  • Dominique Peysson, artist: “Droplets as information units”
  • Anouchka Vasak, author, scholar, historian: “Les petites scènes atmosphériques de Luke Howard”
  • Moderator: Carole Écoffet
5:00pm Cocktail
9:30am - 6pm 1fff Video installations 1fff
  • “Teacup Tools” a video by Agnès Meyer-Brandis, sculptor and new media artist
  • “Yo-cha”, a video by Salla Myllyla, visual artist, currently resident at Cité des arts
  • “Jellyfish Nebula” a video by Julian Olariu, visual artist, painter and sculptor

1ffff Friday June 14th, 2019 Cité internationale des arts, Paris 1ffff
Lectures will be mainly in English, with abstracts provided in French.
Place Auditorium (-1)
9:30am Welcoming
10:00am 1fff Conference 1fff Environmental Narratives
Keynote speaker Karolina Sobecka, artist, designer and researcher: “Closure assumptions”
Round table:
  • Maxime Berthou, student-researcher at EnsadLab: “Fiction P”
  • Marie-Julie Bourgeois, artist & Barthélémy Antoine-Loeff, media artist and performer:
    “Our Meteors, Atmospheric Fictions /Nos météores, fictions atmosphériques“
  • Pauline Hegaret, visual and sound artist & Victor Boquet, interactive designer: “Yadusmog”
  • Sylvain Soussan, artist: “Cloud Museum/ Musée des nuages”
  • Moderator: Victoria Vesna
12:30am Lunch break
2:00pm 1fff Conference 1fff Every drop counts
Keynote speaker Daniel Beysens, Physicist, President of the Organization for the Use of Dew (OPUR):
“Dew and dew harvesting”
Round table:
  • Marianne Cardon, designer & Axelle Glisserot, textile designer: “Radix-Nimbus”
  • Yara El Turk: “How water shapes Lebanese identity/environment?”
  • Adrien Rigobello and Tim Leeson: “A Drop from the Ocean: Tactical Urbanism & Agency”
  • Moderator: Leslie Dodson
1fff Artistic Performance 1fff Geneviève Favre Petroff, artist: “Expecting to Fly”
1fff Evening about the imaginary world of Dune, at Studio des Ursulines, Paris 1fff
6:30pm - 8pm Screening of Frank Pavich’s documentary “Jodorowsky’sDune”
8pm - 9pm Discussion with Didier Bouchon, computer engineer and video game pioneer, Nicolas Fructus, illustrator and comic book author and Sylvie Lainé, Sci-Fi writer.
Moderator: Carole Écoffet

1ffff Saturday June 15th, 2019 Maison des métallos, Paris 1ffff
Saturday’s lectures will be in French, with abstracts in English provided Place Théâtre
1fff Conference 1fff Gardening future / Jardins cosmiques
2pm Introduction by Jean-Marc Chomaz, Artist and Physicist at École polytechnique / Director CNRS, Co-Head of
Chaire arts & sciences
2:15pm - 3:15pm Gilles Clément, gardener, landscape gardener, artist: “Nous sommes dans l’eau”
3:30pm - 4:30pm Anne-Marie Lagrange, astrophysicist : “Exoplanètes”
4:30pm - 5:30pm Nicolas Reeves, artist, architect and physicist :
“Atmosphéries : généalogie et descendance d'une harpe à nuages” The Cloud Harp
5:45pm - 6:30pm 1fff Performance 1fff
  • “Cello solo performance” by Séverine Ballon
  • “Nues” by Célia Boutilier, visual artist, LABOFACTORY, art-science collective and Gabriel Pareyron, composer: a video installation where mist movements interact with a cello solo performed by Louise Levert
2pm - 5pm 1fff Satellite activities 1fff
  • Experimental kidlab for children: art-science experimentations about water, mist and dew, with the artist–researcher Brice Ammar-Khodja, https://b-ak.com/
  • “Sky” by LABOFACTORY (Jean-Marc Chomaz, Filippo Fabbri, Laurent Karst and Greg Louis): an interactive art-science installation to explore the behaviour of mist