NS3D is a direct numerical simulation (DNS) code that integrates the incompressible Navier-Stokes Three-Dimensional (NS3D) equations. Its main features are:
         - pseudo-spectral numerical method, imposing periodic boundary conditions,
        - homogeneous fluid, or stratified fluid under the Boussinesq approximation,
        - possibility to add a frame background rotation,
        - non-perturbative simulations or perturbative simulations around a base state,
        - sequential execution or parallel MPI execution,
        - written in FORTRAN 90 for a Unix/Linux environment.


NS3D-2.14 (10/06/2014) is the latest version of the code.
NS3D-2.13 (26/05/2014).
NS3D-2.12 (27/09/2009).
NS3D-2.11 (09/02/2008).
NS3D-2.10 (22/10/2007).
NS3D-2.09 (18/10/2007).


A documentation is available in pdf here.


The changelog is available here.