Emmanuel de LANGRE


Professor, Chair of the Department of Mechanics.


Member of   LadhyX , Mechanics and Living System initiative,


Editor of the  Journal of Fluids and Structures


          Laboratoire d'Hydrodynamique

Ecole Polytechnique  
     91128 Palaiseau  France




 Research in Fluid-structure interactions

Research in Plant biomechanics


Book on Fluid-Structure interactions



Some very recent papers





Grouthier, C., Michelin, S., Bourguet, R., Modarres-Sadeghi, Y., & de Langre, E.

On the efficiency of energy harvesting using vortex-induced vibrations of cables.

Journal of Fluids and Structures., 49, 427–440 (2014).

Der Loughian, C., Tadrist, L., Allain, J. M., Diener, J., Moulia, B., & de Langre, E.

Measuring local and global vibration modes in model plants.

Comptes Rendus Mécanique, 342(1), 1-7. (2014).

L. Tadrist, L., Saudreau, M., & de Langre, E.

Wind and gravity mechanical effects on leaf inclination angles.

 Journal of Theoretical Biology.341, 9–16 (2014).

Barois, T., & de Langre, E.

Flexible body with drag independent of the flow velocity

Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 735, R2. (2013).

C. Grouthier, S. Michelin, Y. Modarres-Sadeghi and E. de Langre. .

 Self-similar vortex-induced vibrations of a hanging string

Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 724:R2-0(2013).



Short Bio


1978-1980 Ecole polytechnique

1981-1984 Ph.D. in Fracture Mechanics

1985-1997 Engineer at  French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)

1997-2009 Associate professor, Ecole polytechnique

2004-2005 Visiting professor at McGill University and Ecole polytechnique Montreal

2009-     Professor, Ecole polytechnique

2014-     Editor in Chief, Journal of Fluids and Structures