Emmanuel de LANGRE


Professor, Chair of the Department of Mechanics.


Member of   LadHyX


Editor of the  Journal of Fluids and Structures


          Laboratoire d'Hydrodynamique

Ecole Polytechnique  
     91128 Palaiseau  France




 Research in Fluid-structure interactions

Research in Plant biomechanics


Book on Fluid-Structure interactions


Mooc on Fluid-Solid Interactions




Some recent papers



Gonzalez-Rodriguez, D., Cournède, P. H., & De Langre, E. (2016). Turgidity-dependent petiole flexibility enables efficient water use by a tree subjected to water stress. Journal of theoretical biology, 398, 20-31.

Leclercq, T., & De Langre, E. (2016). Drag reduction by elastic reconfiguration of non-uniform beams in non-uniform flows. Journal of Fluids and Structures, 60, 114-129.

Lopez, D., de Langre, E., & Michelin, S. (2015). A space-averaged model of branched structures. Computers & Structures, 146, 12-19.

Tadrist, L., Julio, K., Saudreau, M., & de Langre, E. (2015). Leaf flutter by torsional galloping: Experiments and model. Journal of Fluids and Structures, 56, 1-10.

Théckès, B., Boutillon, X., & de Langre, E. (2015). On the efficiency and robustness of damping by branching. Journal of Sound and Vibration.357,35-50

de Langre, E., & Doaré, O. (2015). Edge flutter of long beams under follower loads. JOMMS, 10,3



Short Bio


1978-1980 Ecole polytechnique

1981-1984 Ph.D. in Fracture Mechanics

1985-1997 Engineer at  French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)

1997-2009 Associate professor, Ecole polytechnique

2004-2005 Visiting professor at McGill University and Ecole polytechnique Montreal

2009-     Professor, Ecole polytechnique

2014-     Editor in Chief, Journal of Fluids and Structures